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Ilysa and Kira in N. Florida

Ilysa and Kira in N. Florida

Ilysa Ginsburg and Kira Slye are the hosts of this site, they have been creating together for 7 years. They are one of the first arts and crafts podcasters on the scene back in 2007 and are still going strong on You Tube and on their Itunes channel, Polymer Clay TV.

Ilysa and Kira have never lived closer to each other than 375 miles, so everything is done remotely thanks to the internet. Ilysa lives in northern Florida while Kira is in Cumberland, MD. Having to work from different states can be challenging but through the years of learning the best platforms to produce audio, host video, create websites and create communities they have mastered the art of online communication.

It all began…

December 26, 2006, when Ilysaart (Ilysa’s user name on Etsy.com) put up a forum post titled “How about a polymer clay street team?” On Etsy, street teams are groups of members who join together in order to promote themselves and Etsy. She also included a request for someone interested in joining such a team, who also had the web skills to perhaps get the team on the web. Studiobijou (Kira) answered the call that same day, and a rudimentary site was put up on blogger as the street team started to flesh out with more members. At some point, we decided to call ourselves a Guild, in keeping with the many other polymer clay guilds that have united artists around the world in their love of polymer clay. The PCAGOE is different, in that there are artists from all over the world, working and sharing together. Most of them will never meet. What a strange and welcome surprise when we discovered we both live in Florida, only about 5 hours apart.

You can google either of us to find out so much more about us! Ilysa Ginsburg AKA Bierer is an award-winning polymer clay artist who supported herself for many years by selling her art, and Kira Slye is an Art Educator. She became a professional podcaster for her local school district, as a direct result of producing Polymer Clay Podcast.

Visit our blog

See what’s happening in our lives and in the development of Polymer Clay Productions by reading the blog located on the front page and archives of the site.

Did you know?

Polymer Clay Productions is just us- two people. It is 100% privately funded, by us. Please consider Supporting our Show in some way, so we can continue to provide you with great free content. Travel and production are expensive.

Ilysa is an award-winning artist, she traveled the country showing her work at fine art and craft shows for many years, where she won numerous awards including best-of-show. Ilysa has owned her own art gallery in south FL and has designed projects for many companies. Ilysa has produced 2 DVDs of her own as well as with other artists. Her work has been published in several books and magazines.

Kira is a certified Art-Educator with a BS in Art Education. She has taught art in rec-centers, craft shops and public schools. Five of her pieces appear in 1000 Jewelry Inspirations (mini): Beads, Baubles, Dangles, and Chains (1000 Series)..

This year, we were invited to write a book with F&W Media. Polymer Clay Art Jewelry  it is now available on Amazon and in bookstores.


In 2012, we discovered that although our first love is polymer clay, we were adding more and more media to our artwork and developing our polymer clay into a mixed-media art process, rather than focusing on clay alone. So we began our sister site and community CraftyLink.com was born- it’s our community that links together our loves for polymer clay and mixed media. These days, that’s where most of the action happens. Come on over and join us on the adventure! Click here.


You can always contact us via e-mail at polymerclaypodcast at yahoo.com or

Call us at: (386)935-2058  Between the hours of 9AM – 5PM eastern standard time



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