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Polymer Clay TV How to Create Tiny Polymer clay flowers for jewelry and mixed media art

Watch as Ilysa demonstrates how easy it is to make little flowers using Kemper cutters. These even have designs on them from using Magic Transfer Paper to create the images. There are so many possibilities to using these cutters they are always in our tool box. You can find a variety of shapes and sizes and they last forever.

polymer clay TV Kemper cutters

polymer clay TV Kemper cutters




Love to Create Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Art? We do too!

I love to create with polymer clay and use whatever supplies I have on hand. I have had this handmade paper with holes in it from Jolees Boutique for awhile but then inspiration hit me and I decided to make a canvas incorporating it into my design. I love the way you can see through it to what is underneath. I also incorporated one of our brand new Resin Adornment birds, some washi tape and a few other supplies. I walk you through how I made the entire canvas on the video. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!


Resin bird embellishments

We love to embellish so we have added handmade resin adornments to make polymer clay and mixed media projects awesome!

We have a new video out today and they feature Elmers Paint Pens, polymer clay and our brand spankin new resin adornments. These are handmade buy us and are an exclusive product of Polymer Clay TV, the first piece in the line is an ornamental detailed bird. You will find many ways to use these in your artwork and Kira starts off showing you a super fun and easy project to get you started. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe there will be a new tutorial next week!

Interested in the resin birds you can find them HERE.

stenciling on polymer clay

New Ultimate Guide to Stenciling Ebook Released for Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Techniques

After over 25 years of creating with polymer clay I have learned so much about the medium and what works and what doesn’t and what I haven’t experimented with Kira has and visa versa. We decided that we want to put our knowledge into a series of tutorial Ebooks to share with everyone so you can also enjoy polymer clay and mixed media as much as we do. We have spent countless hours discovering new techniques and new ways to use products and we are still learning too! We will continue to bring you new discoveries and new Ebooks so make sure to subscribe to our You Tube channel for all the updates and going on and come on over to our community for the latest.

Our latest in our Ultimate Guide Series is on polymer clay and mixed media stenciling. I love to stencil and add layers for that dimensional look. You can always come up with something different and unique by adding layers and such. You won’t want to miss this one, its 55 pages long and has 7 bonus video tutorials in it and lots of photos too. You can find all of our Ebooks and our print book too at this link.¬†

It is also available on Amazon Kindle so you can download it on your mobile devices. There will be more Ebooks on the way so stay tuned and enjoy!

Polymer Clay Tutorial Ultimate Guide to Creative Stencil Use for Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Art

Polymer Clay Tutorial Ultimate Guide to Creative Stencil Use for Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Art


polymer clay tutorial 202 tips and tricks

Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks E Book Released

The Polymer Clay Ultimate Guide: 202 Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks to Make Working with Polymer Clay Easier

This is the 2nd in the Ultimate Guide E Book series and its jam packed with polymer clay tips and tricks, in fact there are 202 of them. Kira and I have both been working with polymer clay for over 20 years, I started in 1989. When I started there weren’t even ANY polymer clay books on the market. I know that is hard to believe but its true. Shortly after the very first book came on the market it was called The New Clay and it changed my life to see all of the different things being made with the clay. At the time I started I was living in NYC and only knew a couple of people that worked with the clay that were putting themselves out there. Some are still around now and I have admired their work from the start. Boy has polymer clay evolved and I am happy to say I have been a part of it. I have NEVER been bored with the clay and am still learning over 25 years later. Its a clay of infinite possibilities, in fact back in 1995 I owned an art gallery I called Infinite Possibilities and now that I have moved on to my own studio I have also decided to call my studio Infinite Possibilities. I got the name from a lyric in a song by Tracy Chapman, she said something to this effect. We are living in a world of infinite possibilities so always keep dreaming!

Click photo to get the PDF version.

The Polymer Clay Ultimate Guide: 202 Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks to Make Working with Polymer Clay Easier

The Polymer Clay Ultimate Guide: 202 Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks to Make Working with Polymer Clay Easier

Click the images to view all our books on Amazon, get a preview, and get them on your KINDLE!

polymerclayartjewelrybookUltimate Guide to Polymer Clay Crackle Techniques e book

The Polymer Clay Ultimate Guide: 202 Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks to Make Working with Polymer Clay Easier

Polymer Clay Tutorial Art Journal Cover Winged Heart

polymer clay tutorial, art journal cover

polymer clay tutorial, art journal cover

Do you want a new way to add embellishments to your projects? Learn how to use polymer clay and create a fabulous art journal cover or adapt to your favorite project.

How to make a polymer clay Winged Heart art jewelry necklace using image transfer and mold

Watch as Ilysa demonstrates the Magic Transfer Paper technique to create this iconic winged heart necklace you can wear or give as a beautiful gift!
Find Magic Transfer Paper and the collage sheet HERE.

How to use Magic Transfer Paper to Image transfer onto polymer clay and papier mache heart for Valentine

We’ve got a new Magic Transfer Paper image transfer kit for you this month, with pretty lovey designs and featuring a detail from a William Waterhouse painting. Show your love with a beautiful quote about love, and use the digital download in so many ways! We used Magic Transfer Paper on polymer clay and a paper mache heart shaped wall plaque to make a beautiful giftable piece of art. watch the video and get started creating your own.

Cover a tin using ink, gesso, polymer clay and an image transfer with Magic Transfer Paper

Polymer Clay TV has just been released with a new demo on how to make fun metal tins, these make great gifts on their own or add a piece of handmade jewelry inside and its a double whammy of a gift. They are easy and fun to make. We deom how to use polymer clay and magic Transfer Paper with some punchinella designs for extra flair. Have fun creating!

Venus tin made with Magic Transfer Paper kit

polymer clay tutorial, polymer clay