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Share and Win!

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I Love Shiny Things!


Glitter and Mica powder was added to Translucent Liquid Sculpy  to make wings!

Glitter and Mica powder was added to Translucent Liquid Sculpy to make wings!

My son has always said to me, “Mom, I’m like a crow; I love shiny things!” Well, it’s evident that he got that trait from me! I have always been attracted to shiny things, so it comes as no surprise that I use a lot of metallic colored clay, glitter (in various forms), mica powders, and metal objects.

Did you know that you can make wings like these, and probably even better, by bending a wire wing structure, placing it on a baking tile, and drizzling in some TLS? Once you’ve gotten the wing filled in with the TLS you can add glitter, mica powder and even metal pieces, bake it, trim off the excess TLS that has leaked out of the wire structure, and voila you have beautiful wings for any wingy type of creation!

Red and gold mica powder were used to make the stone really pop!

Red and gold mica powder were used to make the stone really pop!

Another option for really making your pieces wonderfully shiny is to add glitter and mica powder directly into your clay. The red stone that this beautiful little dragon is flying back to his treasure pile was colored just by adding red glitter and gold mica powder to translucent clay! I know, it was hard for me to believe myself!Polymer clay is such a wonderful product because you can add almost any “shiny” product to it, and it will just incorporate it and still maintain it’s structure. So what do you say, Get out there and make some shiny bits for us “crows” to love!

Live Interview with Cynthia Tinapple on August 20th

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 12.01.22 PM

We invite you to join us for a live interview and chat with author of the brand new book Polymer Clay Global Perspectives, Cynthia Tinapple. Cynthia is the curator of the blog Polymer Clay Daily. In her book she brings together 125 diverse artists from around the world. Join us for this fascinating interview on August 20th, 2013 at 1PM EST when host Wendy Strain asks Cynthia 12 thought provoking questions. Have a chance to ask your own questions too.
You could even be lucky enough to win a copy of Cynthia’s new book, stay tuned for details! You must be a member of our free Tuesday Shmoozeday group to watch and chat live, so make sure to sign up before the interview.

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Faux Ribbon Jewelry: Make it YOUnique!

Customize your accessories.

Customize your accessories.

I have seen so many polymer clay bow videos and tutorials on YouTube, but with everyone wanting to be different and so much competition out there for those of us who are trying to make a living with our art; it is so important to make each piece your way. Make it different, make it YOUnique!

I didn’t go crazy with styling this hairpin because pink bows are a popular accessory for girls, but what I did do to make it different was texturize the clay and dust it with PearlEx powders to make it more custom. I finished it off with a varnish to make it shine. I like shiny things. 

Add a little bling to your ribbon.

Add a little bling to your ribbon.

I made this pink ribbon pendant using the same process, but I added a little flower made up of Swarovski crystals in the center to give it some bling. It will still match the hairclip if someone wanted to wear them together, but it just gives it a little added interest. Whoever receives this piece will have something that is unique, but still a popular item, which is generally what most people want.

A couple of tips when making bows out of polymer clay.

1. To have your ribbon loops remain open twist up a small piece of toilet paper or Kleenex and add it inside the loop while baking. It won’t burn as long as you bake your piece at your clay’s manufacturer’s recommended temperature, and your loops will remain full and open.

2. Try to add a little movement to your piece. Don’t try to make everything just perfect because it will look less like a piece of ribbon and more like a piece of plastic.

3. Have fun with the process. Make what you enjoy, and make it YOUnique to you and your customers!


The Wonderful World of TLS!


On a warm summer evening the Blue Ringed Octopus plays with his treasures in his secret garden.

I cannot express how much I love Translucent Liquid Sculpy (TLS)! I recently made this Octopus’ Garden for a challenge. Almost all of the the items are made with polymer clay and they are attached with TLS to an 11×14 canvas board.


Octopus close-up

Some of them are fairly heavy. The octopus, moon, diver’s helmet and ocean shelf all have aluminium foil as armatures and the diver’s helmet also used a wooden bead to help form the the head portion.


Vintage Diver’s Helmet close-up

Everything made with polymer clay was attached to the canvas board with TLS. I made each item and “glued” them to the canvas board using TLS, and then I baked it. I must admit that I was a bit worried whether or not TLS would be able to keep the items attached due to the weight, but nothing has come loose! The metal items were attached with E6000 and the sand was attached with Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue.

In the past I have used TLS  to attach polymer clay to regular canvas as well. Here is an example of 2 canvases I covered in a cherry blossom branch using nothing more than TLS to attach the polymer clay sculpture to the canvas.


Dual Canvas Cherry Blossom Branch


 If you are interested in Mixed Media art using polymer clay, or taking your polymer clay work to another level, give sculptural art a try!

The Story of Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg and the DVDs

If you are here to read our side of this story:

The facts:

    she DID copy the DVDs without our knowledge,

    she DID change the cover art and copyright notice on the DVDs she is copying,

    she IS selling them at retreats and classes, without compensating us our contractual share of the profits

    customers buying these counterfeit DVDs are contacting US for customer service when they don’t work

    We decided to contact retreats, guilds, and other polymer clay forums where she teaches, to ask them to not allow her to sell these bootleg DVDs

Our reason for sharing this story with you is to stop Lynne Ann from continuing her illegal activities and so that the other unaware customers  do not support her illegal activities any further. Thanks so much for your support and for taking the time to read this.

In 2007, we went to the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade Show. We went to find polymer clay artists to interview for our show. We met Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg for the first time while attending the event. She was one of Kira’s polymer clay idols, so we asked her for an interview. The video is on our youtube page.

We later saw each other at another event and hashed out plans to film a DVD with her. Continue reading

Polymer Clay Art Jewelry: How to make polymer clay jewelry projects using new techniques

Our book has officially hit the virtual shelves at Amazon for Preordering!

We are so excited that we can hardly contain ourselves. You know Ilysa and I are super-sharers, always wanting to show off the new things we figure out to do with our polymer clay. But we can’t share these things with you yet, you’ll just have to get your hands on a copy of our NEW Polymer Clay Art Jewelry BOOK and see for yourself!