Faux Ribbon Jewelry: Make it YOUnique!

Customize your accessories.

Customize your accessories.

I have seen so many polymer clay bow videos and tutorials on YouTube, but with everyone wanting to be different and so much competition out there for those of us who are trying to make a living with our art; it is so important to make each piece your way. Make it different, make it YOUnique!

I didn’t go crazy with styling this hairpin because pink bows are a popular accessory for girls, but what I did do to make it different was texturize the clay and dust it with PearlEx powders to make it more custom. I finished it off with a varnish to make it shine. I like shiny things. 

Add a little bling to your ribbon.

Add a little bling to your ribbon.

I made this pink ribbon pendant using the same process, but I added a little flower made up of Swarovski crystals in the center to give it some bling. It will still match the hairclip if someone wanted to wear them together, but it just gives it a little added interest. Whoever receives this piece will have something that is unique, but still a popular item, which is generally what most people want.

A couple of tips when making bows out of polymer clay.

1. To have your ribbon loops remain open twist up a small piece of toilet paper or Kleenex and add it inside the loop while baking. It won’t burn as long as you bake your piece at your clay’s manufacturer’s recommended temperature, and your loops will remain full and open.

2. Try to add a little movement to your piece. Don’t try to make everything just perfect because it will look less like a piece of ribbon and more like a piece of plastic.

3. Have fun with the process. Make what you enjoy, and make it YOUnique to you and your customers!


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