New Sculpey Products on Wondrous Wednesday at PolymerClayTV

On today’s episode of Polymer Clay TV we share some of the new products from Polyform the makers of Sculpey and Premo clay. They have some awesome new accessories to use for the Mokume Gane technique, for stamping and adding texture to polymer clay. So many cool things to create with. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “New Sculpey Products on Wondrous Wednesday at PolymerClayTV

  1. Leslie Canales

    Thanks for showing those new products, especially the texture blocks for mokume-gane. I’ve been ignoring my clay for a while now due to health issues but you’ve inspired me to get back into playing with poly clay with your video. I appreciate that as I love crafting, especially creating jewelry and any info that makes things easier for me is much appreciated. BTW, gotta love that black sparkle clay. I think a trip to Michaels is in my future.

  2. Pamela Esser

    Thank You for sharing this video of all the exciting new sculpey products! I’ve been keeping an eye out for them in store since I saw them on their website. Any clue when we can expect to see these new products?
    It was great to see them in action! :D
    I pinned your video for entry into your contest as well! -
    Thank You!


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