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Ilysa and Kira want to live in a world where everyone loves to mix up their media and use polymer clay for dimension and fun!

As art explorers and podcasters, they have been featured on the blog,,,,, and in many magazine articles and books.

When they are not up to their elbows in polymer clay, covered in paint with beads stuck in their hair, you can find them outdoors enjoying nature, reading a great book, or snuggling with their kitties.

Their first book — Polymer Clay Art Jewelry, How to make polymer clay jewelry projects using new techniques — hit the shelves in 2013. After that, they went on to create a series of video-enhanced PDF tutorials available on… and they are currently working on the NEXT BIG THING in the polymer clay world, due out later this year!

Discover how easy and fun it is to use polymer clay in your art and craft!

polymer clay tv

Polymer clay is an extremely versatile medium, it’s easy to get started and few tools are needed for success, just let your imagination soar!

We share tips, techniques, and expert advice to unlock your creative ideas and passions. We love to test different mediums and products with polymer clay to see what can and can’t be done and then share our discoveries with you! You can watch Polymer Clay TV our weekly video demonstrations and get lots of inspiration and ideas on your polymer clay journey. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

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Come Join us, and Let your polymer clay and mixed media Journey Begin!

Polymer Clay Productions, Inc., includes:

Polymer Clay Classroom

Join Polymer Clay Classroom , get help, learn new skills and techniques. Create fun projects and energize your creativity! Learn to create art objects, functional objects and jewelry.

Polymer Clay Classroom

Sample of a few Polymer Clay Classroom Projects

Polymer Clay TV

On Polymer Clay TV we have free weekly video demonstrations, project ideas, tips and tricks, news, new products, inspiration and much more! Subscribe on You Tube and Itunes

Polymer Clay TV Channel on You Tube & I

Polymer Clay TV Channel on You Tube & I

Polymer Clay Adventure Community

polymer clay adventure

Polymer Clay Adventure is a polymer clay and mixed media community. A Safe, Judgement-Free Creative Zone! GET INSPIRED on your Creative Journey. Join us today for Polymer Clay and Mixed Media inspiration and fun!

Magic Transfer Paper (Our exclusive product)

Magic Transfer Paper the easiest image transfer onto polymer clay

Magic Transfer Paper the easiest image transfer onto polymer clay

Tired of wasting time on challenging image and photo transfer techniques that don’t work? Magic Transfer Paper is a tested, fool proof, exclusive product that works easily on polymer clay and other substrates. We have lots of free how to videos to get you on your way to successful transfers!

Get our App for your Digital Device!

Get our mobile app

Get our mobile app

Our mobile app is available for Apple and Android- find us as PolyClayCast. When you purchase our app, you get exclusive bonus content we don’t post anywhere else, including behind the scenes video, bloopers, videos from our CHA experiences, wallpapers for your phone, and a couple of our digital download kits so you can create along with us- that’s a value that makes the app essentially free!

Our Books:

The Polymer Clay Ultimate Guide: 202 Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks to Make Working with Polymer Clay Easier

The Polymer Clay Ultimate Guide: 202 Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks to Make Working with Polymer Clay Easier

Ultimate Guide to Polymer Clay Crackle Techniques e book

Ultimate Guide to Crackle Techniques for Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Tutorial Ultimate Guide to Creative Stencil Use for Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Art

Creative stenciling for polymer clay and mixed media art

Polymer Clay Art Jewelry Book

Polymer Clay Art Jewelry Book


art jewelry kit polymer clay tv

Art Jewelry Kit and Collage sheet Kits for use with Magic Transfer Paper available


Polymer Clay Kaleidoscope Caning Ilysa's Way Digital Download

Polymer Clay Kaleidoscope Caning Ilysa’s Way DVD


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