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Thanks to our Friends, Fans, and Customers for making Polymer Clay Productions a success- over 7 years, 200+ episodes, and counting!

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A customer recently said this about our Ultimate Guide to Crackle Techniques tutorial:

Wonderful tutorial…I really learned a lot!..Thank you!

Hi, I a newbie at polymer clay and I still have a lot to learn but, I know one thing I am hooked. It is so fun and amazed at everything there is to do with polymer clay. I want to know everything there is to know about this medium . I follow Polymer Clay TV on all the social media sites. I watch your videos on YouTube all the time and have learn so much from you guys. I also signed up for your news letter and received the three free video to help me begin my polymer clay journey . I can’t wait to buy your book Polymer Clay Art Jewelry. Thanks for all your videos and all your help in teaching how to use Poly clay.

I love these podcasts and videos! I’ve just started working with polymer clay recently and listening to these 2 ladies has really opened up a whole new world of so many great ideas. Thanks!

When the title says ‘new techniques’ it is spot on! The projects are beautiful, the directions easy to follow and the new techniques will be fun to learn – and they look easy to do, but not hard to do! I just received this book yesterday, and today I plan on diving in and trying a few new things.

-Karen G.

Thanks you so much for doing what you do. I love to listen and watch the podcasts. The information and techniques are right on the money. You two are awesome. Please don’t stop, you help feed my muse.

The projects are innovative with good instruction. We need good books on making jewelry with polymer clay. I do not care for the majority of projects in books of this subject. This book is a pleasant surprise.
-Macy W.

Polymer Clay Art Jewelry is so simply and thoroughly explained. It gave me hope that I can truly successfully create beautiful things with Polymer Clay. My favorite projects that appeared in this book were the bracelets and earrings. However, every project was lovely and oh so “doable”.
-Francine R.

I’m looking to have a crafty art-cation of my own here soon. LOL! I have sooo much to catch up on after several very busy months of “LIFE!” When I first saw the ArtCations offered I was very excited. I am definitely excited to try one! I am also so very happy for all of the advancement that you and Kira have made in your business. I stumbled across your polymerclaytv episodes one day when I began exploring polymer clay more seriously. I have to say that you girls have really inspired me. I was hooked…and I eagerly awaited every new episode. With some of my circumstances calming down here soon, I am looking forward to catching up with all of the new features of your site. I really need to spend a whole morning with a good cup of coffee and my laptop to soak it all in. I also appreciate that you were there LIVE to help me learn how to hook in on a Tuesday Schmoozeday! Tank you for all of your hard work!
-Sarah L. B.

Great job that you both are doing. You have helped me out with some basic stuff – I have been using PC for about 10 yrs but I never knew all the fun stuff you could do with it. Lori

Your website is awesome!! I was surfing around tonight…watching your videos, etc…Pretty soon it had been 2 hours!!! I love your website and I know I’m going to learn alot from you two!! Thanks so much. Adrienne

Hello! I have been watching your podcasts and am learning a lot from them! Thank you. Lany

I am very much enjoying your video’s on polymer clay, thanks so much for sharing them. Laura

Hey there ladies!
I am writing to say how much I appreciate your efforts in the world of polymer clay. Adam

Thank You so much for the tutorial videos. Packed with info, great demos, wow. I’m new at polymer and have been surfing looking for everything you could possibly want to know before starting clay.

This is my way of keeping in touch with the polymer clay world when I can’t hang out with my peeps. Love this show! Very informative and loads of fun! Claycath

Thanks for the wonderful DVD set. I have enjoyed watching them and will watch them many, many more times. Because of where I live and other obstacles, (i.e. money and vacations time etc) it is not easy for me to go to classes and conferences. Therefore, I have never seens anyone clay in person, only on DVDs, youtube and by reading books and magazines. I have several DVDs and books and am pleased with this set. I have learned several new tips and techniques that will improve my caning greatly.


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